The Underdog Journey to Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Cover

I am grateful to list on Forbes Africa among 30 young Africans who choose to write tomorrow’s history today; with relentless focus, stubborn self-belief and unwavering determination.  This recognition however, comes during the toughest phase of my entrepreneurial journey; amidst uncertain times, where every day is a battle. That notwithstanding, I know that I am privileged to… Continue reading The Underdog Journey to Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Cover

Great Leaders Eat Last

In Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek does not propose any new leadership theory or core principle. He has a much higher purpose to his writing. His vision is simple: to create a new generation of men and women who understand that an organization’s success, or a nations success for that matter, or failure is based… Continue reading Great Leaders Eat Last

3 superb ways to stick out your business

“Its not about what you do but why you do it.” If you are running a business, its about time you asked yourself a few questions that will give you an idea if you are really standing out from the crowd. Why am I doing business? What makes me/my business different? Who is my customer,… Continue reading 3 superb ways to stick out your business

Lessons from running 2+ businesses

At one point in my life, only 21 years of age at the time, I found myself actively involved in running 4 businesses. I always wonder how this came to be, considering I just celebrated my 5th anniversary as an entrepreneur, four of which I was still persuing my undergraduate computer science degree. At the age of 18,… Continue reading Lessons from running 2+ businesses