Mentor Me Africa Magazine Feature – Entrepreneur of the Week

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As written by Sinkua Nanai 

Straight out of school, passionate and full of energy Tesh Mbaabu began a creative design and print agency out of his curiosity and zeal to explore his creative abilities. In his second year of campus – studying computer science – he decided to concentrate on his ultimate goal.

He started Mesozi Inc, a software technology company, out of the drive to use technology as a tool to help businesses be more productive and efficient. He also cofounded, an online retailer of authentic and exciting merchandise and experiences out of his adventurous nature.
After having been in the business for three years he has faced quite a number of challenges. One has to do with his age and older people constantly doubting his abilities to perform. He has constantly been faced with stereotypes and criticisms because the older generation sometimes tends to doubt your skills until they see you in action. The other is finding the right team with as much zeal and drive for the business like yourself.
This is what he had to say when he was asked his view on the current entrepreneurship movement in Kenya. “The hustler – ‘entrepreneurial’ – spirit in Kenyans inspires and encourages me. More so, Africans are actively working on solutions to problems that are affecting Africa today. I urge young entrepreneurs to link African problems with innovation and create monetary value. We also need to reduce our trust in foreign ideals and begin consuming our own products and believing in our own local successes. We have brilliant minds and are definitely headed towards an amazing future!”
We have always been cultured to believe that the difference between entrepreneurs and the employed is the salary factor. However there are more in depth issues at hand including the fact that the entrepreneur is both the employer and employee, with high risk and minimal predictability about the future.

“The life of an entrepreneur is one where you expect more excitement and higher stress levels in your life. Your day will no longer end at 5:00 PM and you will need to constantly solve more problems, make more decisions and constantly think of ways to improve your business.”

For someone with so much energy and passion he is driven by creating value in the society than wealth, he completely values the power of teamwork, being among the best at what you do, networking, taking intelligent risks, setting big goals and staying focused to achieve them.
This is the best advice he could give to entrepreneurs everywhere. “2 things! One, entrepreneurs are the kind to get excited by many ideas and opportunities. I would advise upcoming entrepreneurs to find that one thing that truly excites them and focus on it, especially at the beginning.
Second, do what you understand and love. Entrepreneurship is such a roller coaster, so if your heart isn’t in it, you will hardly be successful.”


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