Fight me·di·oc·ri·ty

Strive to be all things opposite me·di·o·cre!
excellent, choice, stellar, par excellence, sterling, supreme, ambitious, inspired, peerless, A1, first-class, high-grade, optimum, preeminent, unmatched, sensational, inadequate, prime, special, tasteful, fine, swell, classic, superlative, wanting, first-rate, grand, maximum, unsatisfactory, capital, matchless, elegant, terrific, extraordinary, fabulous, polished, superb, number one, good, top, optimal, superior, unacceptable, top-notch, nifty, handcrafted, exceptional, lacking, outstanding, marvelous, splendid, handsome, tip-top, refined, deficient, fantastic, great, distinguished, unsurpassed, exquisite, insufficient, unparalleled.

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