So what are your 20s for?

This is to pick up from, I’ll be me in my 20s, you be you.

Your 20s are not a time to be troubled by the small things. Instead, it is time to focus on the bigger picture. It is not a time to allow yourself to be passively molded by culture — its a time to deliberately make your own decisions, selecting what you see as good, and rejecting what you see as bad.

To avoid disillusionment with what other deem your 20s to be for, you must first give up their illusions and realise that your 20s are best spent shaping the rest of your life. Balance making mistakes and making headway.

Here are 9 things I believe your 20s should be for:

  1. Making mistakes without being reckless. Meander through your bad boy/crazy bitch phase but do it reasonably and responsibly. You will have your first child out of wedlock or blow your first few real paychecks on gadgets, car parts, clothes and valueless items. Eventually, you will come to the realization that recklessness is pretty costly.
  2. Learning the lessons. An important lesson to learn in your 20s is that everyone won’t like you, and that’s okay. That’s just one of the hundreds of lessons you need to learn. Oh, and nobody cares! (refer to earlier post)
  3. Being selfish. Mostly with your time! Don’t waste it. This is the time to pursue the bulk of your dreams. This is the time to see the world and fulfill your personal pursuits. But also be an active friend and family member.
  4. Getting your money right. By 30 you should have invested in something. In addition to a typical savings account, you should have responsibly made one major purchase (home, land, or car), and own one of these outright. Money isn’t everything in life but it is more than necessary to sustain a great life.
  5. Taking Risks. Now is the time to blow it all on a passion or a potentially lucrative endeavor. Most people get their act together in their 30s, so if you’re ahead of the game, now is the time to blow some of that savings on stocks and somewhat questionable investments. You’re young.
  6. Getting your (love) life together! It’s important to know and love who you are before expecting someone to love you. Its all the more important to do so before you become responsible for another life. Get your life together (especially financially) before you attempt to share it with someone else. Falling in love has no pre-requisite but marriage does. It takes more than two people being in love to embark on and sustain a future.
  7. Having an ambitious mindset. Whether you are starting your own clothing line, product, company or just a personal hobby, ambition is the key that will unlock your dreams. You must remain ambitious in order to put one foot in front of the other and continue to walk. Without ambition, you will be stuck with unanswered questions and a deficit of motivation.
  8. Listening to others. Though it may make you want to cringe sometimes, feedback is vital. You must be open to constructive thoughts from people who know more than you do. You must listen to your peers/elders, especially the ones who are more successful than you are and have more experience than you have.
  9. Turning yourself into a business guru. Though it may be time consuming, understanding different aspects of business, entrepreneurship and innovation will propel you in a positive direction. There is no such thing as too much research. By dedicating time to entrepreneurial endeavors, you’re bettering and building yourself to limitless potential.
  10. I’ll just throw this one in there, Staying #HighOnLife! 

“Do your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for” ― Oliver James



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