3 superb ways to stick out your business

“Its not about what you do but why you do it.” If you are running a business, its about time you asked yourself a few questions that will give you an idea if you are really standing out from the crowd.

Why am I doing business?

What makes me/my business different?

Who is my customer, and what do they need?

What are competitors doing, and what can I do better?

Here are 3 tips that will make you stick out – and be extremely noticeable.

1. Only you.

Create your businesses “Only us” statement, by focusing on what makes your product or service unique. It simplifies your marketing effort — for you and the customers you’re trying to reach.

For Mesozi, “We’re the only company in Kenya that delivers 360° digital branding and software technology business solutions.”

2. Go the extra mile.

Stretch yourself as much as you can to deliver an amazing experience for your customer. It takes more work and thought to make your product or service extraordinary. Nonetheless, its worth it, because the extra mile is never crowded.

3. Dare to be different.

Always try new approaches in business. Invest in market knowledge and harvest inventions. Look at your business from different perspectives, there are always better ways to do things, find them and don’t be afraid to break the rules while at it.

Just reclaim a dose of the creativity and imagination you used to start the business in the first place.



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