What it takes to be Young & Rich

It seems like almost every young person wants to be rich these days, chasing the glory and status of being the “NBT” – The Next  Big Thing.

Sadly, most of us are “wantrepreneurs”. We are wannabe entrepreneurs. In my opinion, we lack what it really takes to become rich.

I have been going through as many articles and books as I could lay my hands on to understand this matter over the last year or so, and I realized that being the Next Big Story takes these three common traits, at least:

  1.  Passion

Wantrepreneurs – are motivated by the money. Rarely really convinced about their idea.

Entreprenuers – believe in their ideas, and love doing business! They are motivated by money too, but creating value drives them even more.

If you got all the money you have ever dreamed of today, would you still pursue your idea?

  1. Action

Wantrepreneurs – always give excuses for why they haven’t ‘started’. They talk more, and do less/nothing.

Entreprenuers – are constantly taking leaps of faith, and learning as they progress. They talk less, and do more.

“If I get xx amount of money, then I will start my business.” This statement is very common amongst us.

“Start where you are, with what you have.” – Eric Kinoti

  1. Sacrifice

Wantrepreneurs – visualize a shortcut to being their own boss so they can work for minimum hours.

Entreprenuers – understand the long hours they need to work to make it happen, through thick and thin of course.

Do you sleep ten hours because you are your own boss? Achieving success takes real discipline, being at the office first and leaving last. Working smart is overrated,  you must work hard too.



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