The Underdog Journey to Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Cover

I am grateful to list on Forbes Africa among 30 young Africans who choose to write tomorrow’s history today; with relentless focus, stubborn self-belief and unwavering determination.  This recognition however, comes during the toughest phase of my entrepreneurial journey; amidst uncertain times, where every day is a battle. That notwithstanding, I know that I am privileged to… Continue reading The Underdog Journey to Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Cover


Raising our $40M Series A, thoughts on the economic situation and how to come out stronger.

Out of crisis comes opportunity. Remember that many great companies have risen from the ashes of distressed periods. Google, SalesForce, and Facebook were started just before a period of financial stress. Uber, Venmo, Slack, Airbnb, and Pinterest all emerged from the 2008 financial crisis. There are advantages to building in a less heated economy: hiring great talent gets easier, there is less “dumb” competition purely fuelled by capital, one learns to think smarter to build an edge into the upturn, and more. 

My top lessons from fundraising for our startup in Africa

After the announcement and news on raising our first external round of capital, several budding African entrepreneurs have reached out to me through various social media channels asking, “Tesh, please could you share some tips on how you did it?”  Reflecting upon the same and the numerous congratulatory messages that came streaming in this past week… Continue reading My top lessons from fundraising for our startup in Africa

The struggle is where greatness comes from

The Struggle is when you wonder why you started the company in the first place. The Struggle is when people ask you why you don’t quit and you don’t know the answer. The Struggle is when your employees think you are lying and you think they may be right. The Struggle is when food loses… Continue reading The struggle is where greatness comes from

The obstacle is the way

In 2007, Faraz Ramji co-founded Norda Industries with the mission of creating growth and opportunity in East Africa by providing consumers with quality, innovative and fun products. In the last 10 years the company has been manufacturing snacks and has several well-known brands such as Urban Bites, Urban Stix, Bitez and Tamu Tamu. Fast forward… Continue reading The obstacle is the way

Looking for a winning idea? How I found my inspiration (Standard Newspaper Feature)

Interviewed and Written By Mona Ombogo for the Hustle Magazine – The Standard Newspaper pullout Life can be mundane. We slog and hustle every day, looking for ways to make a living and impacting our immediate surroundings. While all this is going on though, we need some excitement, adventure and recreation to add spice to… Continue reading Looking for a winning idea? How I found my inspiration (Standard Newspaper Feature)

Our Lions Den Experience with Cloud9xp

The KCB Lions’ Den is Kenya’s biggest business reality television show. The series is modeled around a TV production which originated in Japan as Money Tigers or Tigers of Money. The TV format has since been customized and successfully launched in over 20 other countries globally with versions being shown in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israel,… Continue reading Our Lions Den Experience with Cloud9xp

Great Leaders Eat Last

In Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek does not propose any new leadership theory or core principle. He has a much higher purpose to his writing. His vision is simple: to create a new generation of men and women who understand that an organization’s success, or a nations success for that matter, or failure is based… Continue reading Great Leaders Eat Last